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Site allocation document

The Site Allocation Document (SAD) is the plan that identifies specific sites to meet the current and future needs of Walsall.  It covers the whole of the borough excluding Walsall Town Centre and the District Centres of Aldridge, Brownhills, Bloxwich, Willenhall and Darlaston.

The SAD replaces many of the policies in Walsall’s current Unitary Development Plan (UDP), in particular the Proposals Map which shows the land uses that are currently allocated for individual sites.


Technical Appendices

The SAD was adopted after a multi-stage consultation and examination from 2013 until 2018. Details of the various stages can be accessed below.

The SAD is underpinned by a body of evidence that also informs other current Local Plans.

Sustainability Appraisal (for the SAD and AAP)

We have carried out a sustainability appraisal (SA) of the Site Allocations Document (SAD) and Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP).  The SA incorporates a Strategic Environmental Assessment, Equality Impact Assessment and Health Impact Assessment. The purpose of the SA is to assess the impact of the plans on social, economic and environmental issues, and ensure, where there are options, that the policies in the plans are chosen to have the most positive impact, measured against the objectives of the plans. This has involved scoping what these issues should be, appraising the options for the plans, appraising the draft policies that are proposed to be in the plans and preparing a report that describes what has been done.

SAD Multi-Stage Consultation, Examination and Publication

Publication of Walsall Site Allocation Document (SAD) Inspector’s Report

Walsall Site Allocation Plan (SAD) was independently examined by Planning Inspector; Jameson Bridgwater, in September 2017.  As part of the examination process the Inspector identified a number of Main Modifications that were considered necessary to make the plan sound, and consultation on these modifications was undertaken in February-April 2018.  Having considered the representations made in response to the modifications, together with those made at previous stages, the Inspector has now presented his recommendations in a report.  You can view the Inspector’s Report and the list of Main Modifications made to the submission version of the SAD below. 

Walsall SAD Inspector’s Report

Walsall SAD Main Modifications

A version of the SAD that includes the Main Modifications as recommended by the Inspector (together with Minor Modifications, which do not change the meaning or application of policies) is in preparation.

 A copy of the Inspector’s Report and a copy of the Main Modifications are available to view at First Stop Shop, Walsall Council, Walsall Civic Centre, Walsall WS1 1TP.  Details of First Stop Shop opening times can be found at:

Following receipt of the Inspector’s Report the SAD, as recommended to be modified, is now considered to have substantial weight in making planning decisions.  

In order for the plan to have full weight it will need to be adopted by full Council. It is anticipated that this will be early in 2019.  

If you wish to be notified of the adoption of the SAD and/or the AAP please email

Examination Modifications Consultation (26 February – 9 April 2018)

Walsall Site Allocation Document (SAD) and Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan are being examined by an independent Inspector whose role is to assess whether the plans have been prepared in accordance with the Duty to Co-operate, legal and procedural requirements and whether they are sound.


As part of the examination process the Inspector has identified a number of Main Modifications that are considered necessary to make the plans sound. The Examination Modifications Consultation has provided the opportunity for those with an interest in the plans to make representations on these proposed modifications.

The consultation on the Modifications ran for six weeks from 26 February –  9 April 2018.

All representations that have been duly made will be sent to the Inspector and an acknowledgement letter will be sent in due course.

Further information can be found at the following links:

Walsall Site Allocation Document Examination Modifications Consultation

Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan Examination Modifications Consultation

Walsall Site Allocation Document (SAD) Submitted for Examination

On the 7 June 2017 Walsall SAD was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination by the Planning Inspectorate.   

All of those who have expressed an interest in the plans at the Publication and /or Pre-Submission stages will shortly receive notification of the submission and further details about the examination. The website will be updated with the examination timetable and relevant documents in due course.  All representations made at the Pre-Submission Modification Consultation stage and Publication Consultation will be provided to the examiner.  Please see the SAD Examination webpage for further details on the examination process.

The final plans submitted for examination were the Publication Plans showing the Pre-Submission Modifications (which were consulted on in November 2016) and the Further Proposed Modifications (which were agreed by Cabinet in March 2017).

SAD Submission Plan

SAD Submission Plan (showing Pre-Submission Modifications agreed Post-Publication and Further Proposed Modifications following the Pre-Submission Consultation) (April 2017)

SAD Submission Policies Map (showing Pre-Submission Modifications agreed Post-Publication and Further Proposed Modifications following the Pre-Submission Consultation) (April 2017)

SAD Schedule of Further Proposed Modifications (August 2017)

The technical appendices that support the plan are:

SAD Technical Appendices – Assets and Constraints Maps Updated (November 2016)

SAD Technical Appendices – Nature Conservation Designations Sites and Assets Updated (November 2016)

SAD Technical Appendices – Designated Heritage Assets Updated (November 2016)

SAD Technical Appendices – List of Open Space Site Allocations Updated (November 2016)


A wide range of background documents have been prepared for or taken into account in the production of the SAD including a Sustainability Appraisal.  

Local Plans Evidence Webpage

Consultation Representations

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to get involved in the plan making process.  The Council has considered all representations made at each stage of the consultation.  All representations are available to view on the link below, along with how the Council has taken into account the comments made.

Consultation Representations Webpage

Cabinet and Council Approval for the Submission of the Plans

Walsall’s Site Allocation Document (SAD) and Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP) were reported to the Council’s Cabinet on 15 March 2017.  The Cabinet Report and supporting documents are available on the Council's Website on the  Meeting details webpage.

The report to Cabinet follows the consultation (7 November to 19 December 2016) on ‘Pre-Submission Modifications’ to the ‘Publication’ versions of the SAD and the AAP.  The representations received and the Council’s responses can be viewed on our consultation representation web pages.  In response to the representations and to correct some factual errors,  Cabinet has agreed that some ‘Further Proposed Modifications’ (all of them minor) should be submitted for examination with the plans.  

Schedule of Further Proposed Modifications

Schedule of Further Proposed Modifications (April 2017)

The 10 April 2017 Council report seeking authorisation to Submit the Site Allocation Document and Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan to the Secretary of State and the Decision Notice can be found Meeting details webpage.

Previous Consultations

There has been four stages on consultation on the SAD which are set out below.

Pre-Submission Modifications

The Pre-Submission Proposed Modifications stage of consultation on Walsall’s Site Allocations Document ran between 7 November and 19 December 2016.

All of the representations that have been submitted can be viewed on our consultation representations page.

This consultation was on the proposed modifications to the plans only.

The modifications were proposed to address issues raised during the Publication Consultation as well as to update factual information.  Where you, or others, made representations on previous drafts of the plans, the latest comments will still stand unless we are told otherwise.

Pre-Submission Modifications to the SAD Publication Draft Plan

SAD schedule of modifications 

SAD Publication Draft Plan with Pre-Submission Modifications 

SAD Draft Policies Map: Publication Version with Pre-Submission Modifications 

Technical Appendices

Updated Technical appendices  - provides maps of the assets and constraints considered as part of the plan making process

Updated Nature Conservation Designations 

Updated List of Designated Heritage Assets 

Updated List of Open Space Site Allocations 

The documents above should be viewed in conjunction with those from the Publication Stage consultation below.

Walsall Council proposes to submit the Publication Plan along with these proposed modifications to the Secretary of State.  The Council has published these versions of the Plan in accordance with Regulation 19 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. See the Statement of Representations Procedure below for further details.

SAD Statement of Representations Procedure (PDF)

Publication Stage

The publication stage of consultation on Walsall Site Allocation Document ran from 7 March and 3 May 2016.

The plan incorporated changes made since the ‘Preferred Options’ version, which are intended to address the representations made by the public, statutory bodies and other organisations in response to the consultation that took place in Autumn 2015.  The Preferred Options representations and how the Council has responded to these can be viewed on our  

Consultation Representations webpage

Publication Draft Plan

Publication Draft Walsall Site Allocation Plan

Publication Policies Map

       - Draft Policies Map (JPEG )

       - Draft Policies Map (PDF) 

       - Publication Ward Map Book

Technical Appendices

Technical Appendices

Nature Conservation Designations

Allocated Open Space Sites 

The Council published this version of the Plan in accordance with Regulation 19 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.  See the Statement of Representations Procedure for further details - Statement of Representations Procedure

Preferred Options

The second stage of consultation called 'Preferred Options' for the Site Allocation Document ran from 7 September until 2 November 2015.

Draft Plan

Preferred Options Draft Plan - sets out proposed site allocations.

Preferred Options Document

Preferred Options Document - provides a more detailed document setting out how we developed the preferred option.

Draft Policies Map

       - Draft Policies Map

       - Draft Policies Map

       - Ward Map Book 

Technical Appendix for Draft Plan and Preferred Options Document

Constraint and Asset Maps

Designated Heritage Assets

List of Open Space Sites

Minerals Appendix - Resource Maps

Nature Conservation Designations

Sites for Gypsies Travellers and Travelling Showpeople 

Waste Appendix 1 - Glossary

Waste Appendix 2 - Waste Data Tables

Waste Appendix 3 - Existing Waste Sites

Waste Appendix 4 - Potential Waste Sites Evaluation

Waste Appendix 5 - Potential Waste Sites Constraints

Issues and Options

The first stage of consultation called 'Issues and Options' for the Site Allocation Document took place between 22 April 2013 and 3rd June 2013.

Issues and Options Consultation Summary - Summary of report

Consultation Summary Document - A Summary of Key Issues and Questions

Issues and Options Report - Main detailed report (by chapter)

Chapter 01 - Introduction

Chapter 02 - About Walsall and Policy Context

Chapter 03 - Housing

Chapter 04 - Land for Industry

Chapter 05 - Shopping and Services

Chapter 06 - Open Space, Leisure and Community Facilities

Chapter 07 - Environmental Network

Chapter 08 - Waste Management

Chapter 09 - Minerals

Chapter 10 - Transport

Chapter 11 - Utilities Infrastructure

Chapter 12 - Sites, Choices and Constraints

Chapter 13 - Delivery and Viability

Chapter 14 - Next Steps

Appendices - Appendices to Issues and Options report (by appendix)

Contents and Appendix 03a - Housing

Appendix 04a - Land for Industry

Appendix 05a - Shopping and Services

Appendix 06a - Open Space

Appendix 06b - Community and Leisure Facilities

Appendix 06c - Education, Training and Health

Appendix 07a - Historic Environment

Appendix 08a - Waste

Appendix 09a - Minerals

Appendix 10a - Transport

Appendix 12a - Options Rejected

Issues and Options Schedule of Ward Maps and Site Tables

Map Key 

Schedule of Ward Maps and Site Tables - Maps and site tables by ward

Council Response to Call for Sites

We have also published our responses to sites submitted through our Call for Sites in 2011 and 2012.