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Cervical Screening

Sarah Ouns didn’t have her first cervical smear test until she was 26 – and she vowed she’d never have another.

She explained: “The lady doing the test had a very regimental way about her, I didn’t relax and back then a metal speculum was used which made the whole thing really distressing.”

“I said I’d never have another.”

“But one day I was walking round a fete and there was a cervical screening outreach nurse who talked to me about how important it is to get checked regularly.”

“She was so nice and spoke to me more like a friend than someone who was a health worker and it’s because of her that I went back.”

“No-one enjoys the test but my nurse really puts me at ease and now plastic speculums are used which is much more comfortable.”

Sarah, who lives in Bentley with husband Hesham and daughter Charlotte, aged 10, now encourages other women to get themselves checked out.

“I have had to have repeat tests but this hasn’t fazed me. I know some women who have never had a single test and I’ve even offered to go with them for moral support!”

Charlotte and Sarah Ouns