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The Early Years/School Ready Team


What are the key responsibilities of the Early Years/School Ready Team?

  • To provide information, advice and training to schools, day-care settings and childminders to ensure all early years provision is good or outstanding.
  • To raise the attainment of children by the age of five in order that they achieve a ‘good level of development’.
  • To ensure all provider types are compliant with the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.
  • To deliver the Local Authority statutory profile assessment duty.
  • To encourage take up of the 2 year old entitlement for eligible children through direct contact with parents and partnership working.

What are the aims of the Early Years/School Ready Team?

  • To raise attainment in all 17 aspects of learning to close the gap between Walsall and National outcomes.
  • To raise the attainment of vulnerable groups including disadvantaged children and those with special educational needs.
  • To analyse data and use it to inform the planning of network events, training packages and targeted work in schools and settings.
  • To strengthen leadership in Early Years to ensure all ‘quality of leadership’ judgements are good or outstanding.
  • To work in partnership with other services to ensure that children 0-2 years old have their needs identified and met.

What will the Early Years Team provide?

  • Advice, challenge and support to schools, settings and childminders on all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage, the Statutory Framework for Early Years and the relevant Inspection Handbooks.
  • Network events three times a year for school EY leaders and setting managers.
  • Training courses and conferences.
  • Brokerage of school to school support
  • Leadership programmes.
  • Audits and audit tools.
  • Information about national policy and procedure.
  • Information about early learning and childcare places (Family Information Service)
  • Information to the Access Team about local information about sufficiency of places for all qualifying children in order that they can access their early learning and childcare.

For more information:

Nicola Hart (Senior Quality Assurance Manager – Early Years) 01922 652892/07730502471

Kim Stokes (School Ready Improvement Manager) 01922 652936/07944279937