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Dangerous buildings, safety at sports grounds and demolition

Access to and Use of Buildings
Access into, and provision of accessible facilities within buildings are serious concerns in both the design and construction of buildings, and the minimum standards as defined by the Building Regulations Part M must be complied with. The DDA Disabilities Discrimination Act also applies to achieve an inclusive environment. Therefore an Access Statement will be required at both Planning and Building stages to cover design and occupancy. The level of detail required in the Access Stages will vary according to size, nature and complexity of the development.
The most common method of complying with Building Regulation provisions relating to access and facilities in England and Wales is to comply with the minimum standards laid out in Approved Document M.
The Building Control Service has developed a two way checking system to ensure buildings comply with the Building Regulations.
  • Every plan will be examined by a Senior Building Control Officer
  • A second check of access statements will be carried out by joint consultation with the Local Authorities Access Officer for complex development in order that agreement to proposals can be reached. Also early attention to details subject to the DDA and general guidance advice will be discussed and forwarded to applicants as an informative.
The Building Control Services actively encourage early discussions to consider access and facility issues in order to ensure the best provisions can be made whilst design options permit.
Dangerous structures and buildings can occur due to deterioration of old structures, vehicle impact, fire, explosion, sudden settlement, vandalism or design defects. Dangerous structures fall mainly into two categories:
  • Imminently dangerous structures which are at risk of collapse and must be secured and made safe to maintain public safety
  • Dangerous structures which from a survey are unstable but not imminently dangerous are secured to maintain. In these cases the owner is given a reasonable time to make the site safe
The Building Control Service work closely with the Police, Fire and other emergency services and external government agencies such as the HSE and the Environmental Agency.
The Building Act 1984 Section 80 - requires that the local authority is advised in writing of any intended demolition.
This applies to any demolition of the whole or part of a building. There are very limited exceptions.
It is an offense for a person to start demolition works without giving six weeks written notice prior to commencement.
Written notice to the Local Authority must specify the building, details of the works of demolition, the person undertaking the work.
The occupiers of adjacent buildings have been informed, and compliance with the Party Wall Act has been achieved.
  • The gas supply for the building has been terminated.
  • The electricity supply for the building has been terminated.
  • The water supply for the building has been terminated.
  • Drainage from the building/site will be sealed.
  • How the site will be secured following completion
  • Please download notification of intended demolition application form from our application forms web page
    The Building Control Services work to protect public safety, and co-ordinates the Safety Advisory Group which includes other agencies:
    • the Police Service
    • the Fire Service
    • the Ambulance Service
    • Football licensing Authority
    • Supporters Clubs
    • St. Johns Ambulance Association
    Sports grounds can be divided into three categories which can be outlined as:
    • Designated sports stadium with a capacity for 10,000 spectators.
    • Sports grounds with one or more regulated stands, with a capacity of 500 spectators.
    • Sports grounds which do not have regulated stands. The Local Authority inspects these grounds annually. At present there are approximately 30 sports grounds in the Walsall Borough in this category.
    The Building Control Service reviews the following items during an inspection and comment on:
    • Safe capacity
    • Safety management
    • Stewarding
    • Structures and components
    • Circulation general
    • Exit routes unobstructed
    • Controlled ingress
    • Stairs / ramps
    • Concourses & vomitories
    • Emergency procedures
    • Barriers
    • Seating accommodation
    • Standing accommodation
    • Accessible facilities / areas
    • Fire safety
    • Communications
    • Electrical / mechanical
    • Medical provision, first aid
    • Media provision
    • Tidiness
    The Sports Ground Management Team must ensure public safety is maintained and that defective infrastructure does not place crowd safety at risk.

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