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Road safety education, training and publicity

Road safety policies and procedures

Road Safety covers many areas and carries out varies policies and procedures to cover these areas.

Road safety framework

The Road Safety framework is currently in development.

Resource catalogue

There are many resources supplied throughout Road Safety which represent all the areas involved. The resources range from banners, to equipment and stationary which are mainly used for events purposes and loaned out the schools for a period of time. A resource catalogue is available to view.

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Cycle training

Cycle training for young people are offered to all pupils aged ten years and over in Walsall schools. The training consists of ten hours of training spread over two days.

To book a Bikeability course please email

Pedestrian training

Pedestrian training is offered to children and young people to help prevent accidents occuring on the roads and gives people a wider knowledge and understanding about crossing roads and safe places to cross.

Older road users

Advice is offered to older road users on how to use the road network and support given for continued mobility.


The Road Safety team participate in many national, regional and local campaigns and cover all areas of Road Safety. Campaigns are targeted at specific areas of concern and target road users. The Road Safety team also work in partnership with the police force and fire service etc. when doing campaigns like Drink/Drug Drive and Mobile Phones. Whilst Car Seat Checking is a local campaign and is held by a member of the Road Safety team.

Find out more about our campaigns.

P2W (powered 2-wheelers)

P2W are two-wheeled vehicles. Both motorcyclists and cyclists are vunerable road users and experience a few issues on a day to day basis with four wheeled vehicles who fail to see them or just dont wait. However motorcyclists and scooters are one of the most affordable ways of travelling and is growing a more popular form of transport. More information on P2W.