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Road safety

Walsall Road Safety Strategy

The Walsall Road Safety Strategy sets out Walsall’s local vision and supports the regional aspiration to reduce killed and seriously injured casualties (KSI). The strategy also recognises the need to develop a more holistic approach to project appraisal and evaluation to ensure that targeted improvements and initiatives, consistent with the United Nation’s Safer Systems approach, are delivered. This approach supports a vision of improved quality of life and equality for all our residents.

The Traffic Safety & Operation Team delivers the Councils statutory duties covered by The Road Traffic Act 1988 and The Education and Inspections Act 2006. This responsibility includes:

Monitoring the level of road casualties and identifying and implementing programmes of work to address them;
Disseminate information and provide advice relating to use of the roads, and practical road user advice;
prepare, review and publish the Sustainable Mode of Travel strategy;
Promote the use of sustainable modes of travel for school related journeys;
To deliver this work the team is split into three main areas.
Traffic Engineering
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The Traffic Engineering function of the team is to manage all requests for minor transport schemes including traffic calming, junction improvements, route improvements and pedestrian facilities. Managing the minor works capital programme they undertake the implementation of Local Safety Schemes, Safer Routes to School, and Walking and Cycling schemes. They are also responsible for accident assessment and analysis.
More information on Traffic Engineering and current schemes.
Road Safety Education, Training and Publicity
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The Road Safety function deals with Education, Training and Publicity. They work closely with Schools, Colleges and other partners including Police, Fire Service and the NHS in the delivery of a number of initiatives including Bikeability, Pedestrian Training and Pre-driver training. They also address local and national road safety issues in particular, Driver Education programmes while providing support in the delivery of engineering schemes targeting key areas for training.
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Sustainable School Travel
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The main focus for this area is to work with schools and other educational establishments to promote walking, cycling and other sustainable modes of travel. This is done primarily through the A*Stars programme. Working closely with the other areas the team supports the development of Safer Routes to School and other Walking & Cycling initiatives to encourage modal shift.
Over 75% of Walsall Primary Schools are currently participating in the A*STARS Programme.
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