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Red Routes

Traffic congestion in the West Midlands costs the economy £2.4bn per annum. The cost is not restricted to an economic problem, but includes issues for all road users, such as long delays, unpredictable and unreliable journey times, collisions and environmental problems.
Red Routes are a method of ensuring that the most effective use is made of the road space allowing improved travel for both people and goods. They use a package of measures including road improvements and dedicated loading areas for delivery vehicles where required. The measures are complemented by better enforcement of illegal and inappropriately parked vehicles. Red Routes provide a solution to these problems by improving the flow of traffic, increasing the reliability of our journeys by both car and bus, making travel better for everyone.
Walsall has five Red Routes:
A34 North - Green Lane/Bloxwich High Street/Stafford Road
A34 South - Birmingham Road
A4148 - Broadway North/Broadway West/Pleck Road/Bescot Road/Littleton Street
A454 - Wolverhampton Road/Black Country Route
A41/A4444 Black Country Spine Road
To find about more about Red Routes and what you can and can not do along the routes please visit our Red Routes FAQ page.