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Red Routes FAQ

What is a red route?

Red routes are a method of ensuring that the most effective use is made of the road space allowing improved travel for both people and goods.
Red routes use a package of measures including road improvements and dedicated loading areas for delivery vehicles where required. The measures are complemented by better enforcement of illegal and inappropriately parked vehicles.
These measures will help improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. Developments could also include improved and innovative traffic signalling and junction alterations where necessary. Examples of junctions which have been improved as part of red routes schemes are the Walstead Road/Birmingham Road junction and Hospital Street/Green Lane junction.
Red routes use a package of measures to safely improve traffic flow. The most obvious of these measures are the red lines along the road edge, which are a clear signal to drivers to say ‘no stopping’.
Red routes are not blanket ‘no stopping’ restrictions. The scheme actually includes better provision for legal parking and loading.
Better signing of car parks will direct people to parking areas located off the main road. These will be improved wherever possible to encourage greater use.
All of the proposals have been designed to take account of the various demands and uses placed on each specific route and it associated side roads.

Why do we need red routes in the West Midlands?

Currently, it is estimated that traffic congestion costs the West Midlands £2.2bn per year in lost productivity. With the likelihood that journey times will vary on a daily basis and the number of road journeys predicted to increase year on year doing nothing about traffic congestion is not an option.
One of the key proposals put forward by the West Midlands Local Transport Plan to reduce the traffic congestion problem is a comprehensive network of red routes. These will be designed to keep traffic operating efficiently on our most important roads through better management of parking and loading.

What are the benefits of red routes?

  • Improved safety for pedestrians, cyclists and general traffic
  • Journey time reductions
  • Improved journey time reliability
  • Lower and standardised kerb heights at crossings to benefit the mobility impaired
  • Environmental benefits such as reduced traffic noise and fumes
  • Providing a more pleasant environment for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Positive effect on frontage businesses as it is easier for people to park legally

Where are the red routes within Walsall?

Walsall has five red routes
  • A34 North - Green Lane/Bloxwich High Street/Stafford Road
  • A34 South - Birmingham Road
  • A4148 - Broadway North/Broadway West/Pleck Road/Bescot Road/Littleton Street
  • A454 - Wolverhampton Road/Black Country Route
  • A41/A4444 Black Country Spine Road
  • What kind of restrictions can I expect to see along a red route?
The most common types of red route restrictions are shown in the table below.
This is not an exhaustive list. You may see variations of these restrictions along Walsall’s red routes.
Restriction type
No stopping at any time
No stopping between  denoted times
Loading bays
What do the signs look like?
No stopping anytime sign
No stopping Weekdays only sign
No stopping unless loading sign
What do the carriageway markings look like?
           Double Red Lines
Double Red Lines
           Single Red Line
Single Red Line
            A Dashed Red Lined Bay
Loading Bay Only
What does this mean?
You can not stop, load or pick up/drop pff passengers at any time on any day. (A very small number of exemptions apply, please see further questions below)
You can stop, park, load or pick up/drop off passengers on single red line between 10am-4pm and 7pm-7am, Monday to Friday. Parking is allowed all day Saturday and Sunday. You can not park on the single red line between the peak hourse of 7-10am and 4-7pm, Monday to Friday. Please note times and day restrictions on single red lines vary across the borough.
You can stop in the designated loading bays between 10am-4pm for 20mins to load or unload. The loading bay can not be used between 4pm-10am. Please note times and day restrictions on loading bays vary across the borough.

Who enforces red routes? Is there a penalty charge?

Parking enforcement officers (traffic wardens) and CCTV enforcement vehicles will be enforcing the red route. Vehicles parked in contravention will be enforced upon and may receive a penalty charge notice. The charge is £70; this will be reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days from the date of service. If you wish to discuss a penalty charge notice please contact the parking services team by calling 01922 652525.

Are there any exceptions to the ‘no stopping’ rule?

Stopping is allowed
  • to prevent an accident occurring
  • when directed to do so by a police officer
  • to allow emergency vehicles to pass
  • if your vehicle has broken down (evidence that your vehicle has broken down will be required)

Where can I stop to load or unload?

You may use dedicated loading bays or single red lines along the route. These are clearly signed to let drivers know where, when and how long stopping is allowed for.

Can taxis stop on a red route?

A licensed taxi can stop for a long as may be required to enable passengers to get out or into the vehicle.

Can blue badge holders stop on a red route?

Vehicles displaying a blue badge are able to stop to enable a disabled passenger to get into or out of the vehicle.

What if I am having something delivered or some work done at my property?

If you are expecting a delivery or having some work done on your property the parking services team should be contacted by calling 01922 652433 or emailing

What if I am being picked up or dropped off by Ring and Ride?

Depending on the circumstances Ring and Ride services should only be stationary long enough to pick up or drop off a passenger.

Will Royal Mail still be able to deliver?

Yes, as a ‘universal postal service’ Royal Mail are able to stop on the red route.

Will my rubbish still be collected?

Yes, refuse vehicles are able to stop on the red route.

Contact us

If you have any further questions about red route restrictions please contact:
Traffic Management and Coordination Team
Engineering & Transportation
2nd Floor
Civic Centre
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Telephone 01922 654645