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Walsall Council spends in excess of £200m on supplies and services, providing businesses of all sizes with a wide range of commercial opportunities. The council's priority is to secure the best value for money throughout a large and diverse organisation.

To achieve this objective, businesses wishing to contract with the council should have some understanding of the purchasing process that operates within the council, in addition to where they can obtain advice if required.

These pages aim to help all businesses when quoting or tendering for council contracts. It explains the methods of purchasing and provides guidance on some of the key factors that businesses will need to consider throughout the purchasing process.

There is a great deal of competition for Walsall Council contracts and this guide cannot assure individual businesses of success. However, it should provide sufficient information to allow businesses to present their products or services in compliance with the purchasing process.

Walsall Council purchases supplies and services which range in value from a few, to many hundreds of thousands of pounds. There are numerous European and UK laws which the council must comply with, especially with regard to higher value contracts.

  • Visit our electronic tendering page to find out how to electronically access tender and contract opportunities for Walsall Council.
  • Visit social care and health information for providers to access open tenders.

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