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Why do we collect and use personal information

Without the information we collect and require or share, the Council would not be able to provide you with the services or support for which we have contractual and legal obligations to deliver. In order to provide and ensure the appropriateness of our services we need to understand and measure the needs of those who require our services. Therefore we use the information collected to ensure our services are meeting the needs of our residents and customers or service users and take appropriate actions to improve services wherever we can.


In particular, we will use information about you:

·       to provide the service you require, for example paying a welfare grant or benefit claim or accessing our leisure facilities;

·       to maintain the electoral register;

·       to keep you informed about appropriate council services and activities taking place in your area;

·       to consult with you and get your views on council services to enable us to continually improve our services;

·       to carry out the our statutory and regulatory functions (such as licensing, planning, parking control, trading standards and sanitation, and the provision of education and social services);

·       meeting legal requirements and complying with legal obligations;

·       to comply with our Public Health functions by sharing Health and other relevant data;  

·       to collecting and process any payments made for services provided by the council ( such as planning applications or Council Tax) and to collect any debts owed to the council;

·       Preventing or detecting crime and fraud and to protect individuals from harm; 


Your information may be manually and/or digitally processed through our systems by people in the UK. These may be internal council staff or external staff via public and private healthcare providers, other public authorities, contractors and other agencies. All people with access to your information will do so under strict adherence to the Data Protection Regulations, with adequate safeguards and appropriate authorisation.



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