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Information we collect and use

The information collected and used will vary for each service area and we will only collect and use the information which is necessary in order for you to access and or receive the services.


For example, at initial point of contact we will collect details such as name, address and contact details (telephone number and/or email address). These may be provided by you directly or we may receive them from a third party who is acting on your behalf (such as a relative, a support worker or an advice agency).


Dependent upon the service you wish to access further details may then be collected as necessary. For example our Money, Home, Job service may need details such as your date of birth, your employment status, your relationship status, your financial commitments, whether you currently receive any benefits and if you are currently engaging with any third parties such as solicitors or the CAB, in order to help you efficiently and give you the best guidance and support.


Some services may require bank details in order to take a payment from you. For example Planning Services for a planning application or our Leisure Services for a gym membership.


Adult Social Care and Children’s services will often use information relating to next of kin, physical and mental health details (including mental capacity), referral/assessment information and relevant case information. They will also record details of any risks or vulnerabilities relating to the individual and if appropriate details of police investigations or convictions.


Walsall Council are obliged to monitor our compliance with Equality and Diversity Legislation. This will mean you are often asked to complete an equal opportunities form that collects information such as ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and religion. You do not have to provide this information for these purposes if you do not wish to do so. Choosing not to complete these forms will not prevent you from accessing our services.


Many services may require proof of your age or identity. This may entail us keeping a copy of your passport, driving licence or other form of identification. These will include details of your name, date of birth, facial image and possibly details of your gender and nationality.


The council may also collect, use and share information for the purposes of undertaking or participating in internal or external audits and reviews:

  • to ensure services are delivered appropriately and effectively
  • to support local or national reporting requirements.
  • to comply with service delivery audits
  • to make sure that we are accountable for our decisions.


The council is accountable for the services it delivers and making sure that they are useful and accessible to individuals. The council will use information in order to inform and notify, residents, service users and staff of any changes to services or the way in which they are delivered as part of our public functions and duties.


For more details please see the directorate/service area privacy notices on our website.



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