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How we collect information

We will collect the information in several ways.


Some will be provided directly by you when you contact us about a service.  This may be when you visit Council offices, call or email us or when you contact us via our website or social media. Information may also be provided by a parent or guardian or other legal representative.


We may receive information from third parties such as friends or neighbours or other individuals you have interacted with, such as a referral from another provider.


Some information will be collected from other organisations such as the NHS, the Police, Schools and other Education Providers, other Councils, Housing Associations, and Government bodies such as HMR or the Department of Work and Pensions.


The council may also obtain information from certain external organisation’s or provide information to them in order to:

  •  verify the accuracy of the information supplied
  •  prevent or detect crime
  •  protect public funds from fraud
  •  Collect and make the best use of public funds
  •  To safeguard and protect young and/or vulnerable people
  •  comply with the council's legal obligations
  •  assist with research and statistical purposes



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