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Pollution control

Pollution control provides a specialist range of monitoring, investigation and enforcement services covering:
air pollution and air quality
contaminated land
noise and vibration
The functions undertaken by pollution control include:
review and assessment of air quality
identification and regulation of contaminated land
routine monitoring of landfill gas at closed council landfill sites
noise and vibration measurements and analyses
regulation of industrial processes
investigation of complaints concerning industry
provision of environmental data and information and
provision of advice and technical support for the Building Regulation, regeneration and development control processes
What can I expect from the Pollution Control Service?
Following a request for service we will aim to respond within severn working days of the original enquiry.
We will respond to written requests for information and/or advice within five working days.
What do you expect from me?
To enable us to provide as efficient a service as possible, please ensure that you:
Provide as much information as possible regarding your enquiry
include your name and address and a contact telephone number wherever possible
give full details and circumstances of your enquiry and
any information or documentation already in your possession.
What are your customer care values?
We will handle your request promptly
We will maintain high accessibility and availability of service
We will provide an effective service that meets your needs
We will be fair and courteous regardless of your ethnicity, disability, gender, age, religious belief or sexuality
We will be helpful and strive to go the extra mile to meet and/or exceed your expectations
We will provide all the information you require to satisfy your needs
We will ensure that our people are professional, well trained and knowledgeable
We will ensure that your request is owned by the first person you contact
We will fully protect your privacy and information about you will be treated as confidential
We will strive to deliver what you need but be clear about the extent of the service which we can provide.
Contact us
Pollution Control
Planning, Engineering and Transportation Services
Walsall Council
Zone 2K 2nd floor, Civic Centre
Darwall Street
Telephone 01922 658040
Email  pollutioncontrol@walsall.gov.uk
You can use our online contact form for general enquiries, compliments and complaints.