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Pre-Application Advice

What information do I need to submit?

Required Documents

Optional Documents

  • Sketch drawings and photographs to describe the site / building as existing
  • Sketch drawings to describe the proposal

How much does it cost?

Type of development Charge


5 or more dwellings £234 (includes VAT)
500sqm or more of new floor space £234 (includes VAT)
All mineral or waste applications (other than for minor operational developments such as small ancillary buildings) £234 (includes VAT)
Significant Major Development Please refer to the Development Team webpage











The process

Within 14 days of receiving a request a planning case officer from Development Management  will contact you either by phone / email or in writing to confirm:

  • That your proposal requires a meeting to provide pre-application advice. A request for a meeting to provide pre-application advice may be declined, where it is not considered either appropriate or necessary.
  • Any additional information that is required; and
  • The name(s) of the planning officer(s) who will be handling your enquiry.

Written confirmation of officer advice

You will receive a written response confirming the advice given. The information set out in the written response will be verified by the Team Leader, or Development Management Manager.

Please Note:
The final decision on planning applications may be made by the Planning Committee and in some cases delegated to senior officers. The decision can only be taken following consultations with adjoining occupiers, statutory consultees and other interested parties once we have received and accepted your application(s) and following a detailed assessment of the facts of the case. You should, therefore, be aware that the council officers are unable to offer any guarantees about the decision that will be made on your application(s).

Where to submit your pre-application advice request?

Email the completed application form together with the required and any optional documents to planningservices@walsall.gov.uk