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Apply for permission

You can either make an application yourself or employ an agent to do it for you.

Apply online

The simplest way to submit a planning application is online via the Planning Portal. Walsall Council encourages the use of the Planning Portal and we urge agents and applicants to submit their planning applications online.

Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online.

The benefits of applying online:
  • You can work on your applications in draft before submission

  • Immediate delivery and acknowledgement

  • Savings on postage and printing costs

  • Online help function when completing applications

  • Online record of your completed applications

  • Please note a planning application cannot be progressed until all the necessary supporting information and the appropriate fee is received.

Can my application be made invalid?
Please ensure that you read the application forms and accompanying guidance notes carefully. The application will only be registered if the forms have been correctly completed and it is accompanied by all the necessary supporting information.
Invalid applications will not be registered, resulting in a delay in your decision.
Discuss your proposal with a Planning Officer before making an application. 
Discuss your proposal with neighbours / the local community before making an application.
Check you have filled in the forms properly.
Check you have sent us the right number of plans.
Check you have sent the correct fee.
Check that you have sent the right supporting information with your application.
For a fast and easy submission use the planning portal, the portal can help you achieve our requirements http://www.planningportal.co.uk
Building Control advice
In addition to applying for planning permission you may also need to make a Building Regulations application. You are advised to contact our Building Control team at the earliest stage to discuss your proposals.