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Planning advice for major developments

Our Development Team will examine your major development proposals and give you an assessment before you submit them, to help give you the best chance of success. The fee for this service is £1,020.00 inc VAT.


For this, we will:

  • offer a meeting with technical officers and specialists (for example relating to transport, design and environmental health), to determine the requirements for application submissions and/or supporting information

  • identify any potential planning constraints and the impact they may have

  • discuss possible planning conditions or legal agreements that would be required if your scheme were recommended

  • clarify planning policies and issues specific to your site


Development proposals we will advise on

For our purposes, a major development must involve:

  • 10 houses or more

  • 0.5 hectares or more

  • 1000 square metres or more

  • treating, storing or disposing of refuse or waste

  • winning and working of minerals or use of land for mineral working deposits


How to present your development proposal

First, submit a letter outlining the broad details of the scheme, giving some indication of the development programming and any other relevant factors.

You need to include a location plan indicating the extent of the proposed site and the immediate neighbouring land / buildings. You should also send us all plans, elevations, cross sections, and other supporting material.


Contact us

Donna Weston (Co-ordinator)Development Team

Development Management

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