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Current Planning Policy

The Planning Policy Team is responsible for formulating the Development Plan (DP) for Walsall. The Development Plan sets out a vision for the Borough and policies to promote, accommodate and guide sustainable development whilst protecting and enhancing the environment. This involves preparing, explaining and monitoring statutory planning policies, which are contained in a series of Development Plan Documents (DPDs).

The council is required by law to take account of the policies in the development plan when making decisions on planning applications while residents and developers should have regard to these policies when drawing up their proposals.

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is our oldest suite of DPDs, many have been superseded by more recent documents but some ‘saved’ policies and maps remain.

Walsall as a Local Planning Authority (LPA) is instructed by government to also work cross-boundary to formulate planning strategy, which we undertake along with our neighbouring councils in the Black Country through the Black Country Core Strategy (BCCS).

These documents form part of Walsall's Local Plan (formerly ‘Local Development Framework’). Additional planning policy documents are prepared by the Council to offer further guidance to the policies of the Development Plan, and these also make up part of the Local Plans and are known as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs).

Future planning policy is currently being drawn-up with our Black Country partners through the Black Country Plan which will eventually replace the Black Country Core Strategy.


Documents and Pages

The Development Plan Documents (DPDs) for Walsall:

Additional Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) in the wider Local Plan:

  • Urban Open Space (Adopted April 2006)
  • Designing Walsall (Revised July 2013)
  • Affordable Housing (Adopted February 2008)
  • Natural Environment (Revised July 2013)
  • Shop Front (Adopted April 2015)
  • Black Country Air Quality (Adopted February 2017)

Additional Documents:


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