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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets to discuss planning applications and decide whether they will be approved or not. On the Planning Committee site you can find:

  • committee reports
  • minutes of  the meetings
  • times and dates of upcoming meetings
  • information on members of the committee


Anyone can attend committee meetings. Applicants, agents and anyone who wants to express an opinion about an application can speak at the committee subject to the following rules:

  • Anyone wishing to speak must register in writing (including e-mail or fax) with the planning officer at least one working day before the meeting.
  • Any person who has not given notice will only be allowed to speak at the discretion of the chairman.
  • The committee may hear speakers either only for the applicant or only for objectors provided all parties have been given the opportunity to speak and one party chooses not to exercise his/her rights.
  • The number of speakers, including councillors, will be restricted to a maximum of 2 in favour of an application and 2 opposing an application chosen by order of notification of a wish to speak.
  • Speakers will be limited to 2 minutes each in respect of each application.
  • Members of the committee may ask questions of speakers.

To find out when a case may go to committee, view applications online. Please note, this date may be subject to change if further information or comments are received on the proposal and additional work is required. The date will only become fixed once the agenda has been produced for the relevant meeting. If no date has been entered, the application is not currently being considered for a forthcoming meeting.