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Paying the Council

The Council is required to charge for a wide and varying range of services.  If you have received a service from the Council and did not have to pay for that service up front then you may owe the Council money.  If the money you owe is for a charge other than council tax or business rates then you may have received an 'accounts receivable invoice'.
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Some of the charges for which you will receive an invoice will be services that you have requested, some may be in respect of certain entitlements that have been overpaid, others may be as a result of legislative requirements or contractual agreements.  Examples of the types of services for which you will receive an invoice include:
Commercial and ground rents
Trade refuse collection
Hire of leisure facilities
Premise licences
Building control
The Income Team deal with collection of the income that is due to Walsall Council in respect of those invoices.  
Most Walsall Council invoices are due for payment immediately and details of how and where to pay is printed on every invoice and are also detailed on the  How to pay

If you are struggling to pay charges on time, advice is available on managing your finances.  For more information see

 Payment difficulties.


Payment query contact details

Accounts Receivable Leisure Memberships

Income Team

Civic Centre

Walsall, WS1 1DB

Tel 01922 658424


Fax 01922 652368



Bloxwich Active Living Centre

Tel 01922 652900

Walsall Gala

01922 653150

Oak Park Active Living Centre

Tel 01922 652266

Darlaston Swimming Pool

Tel 01922 652255

Council Tax Business Rates

Local Taxation Office

PO Box 23

Walsall, WS1 1TW

Enquiry line 0300 555 2851

Payment line 0300 555 2852


Fax 01922 723337

Business Rates Service

PO Box 23

Walsall, WS1 1TW

Enquiry line 0300 555 2853

Payment line 0300 555 2854


Fax 01922 723337