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Our Work

The work of Walsall Council in Parks and Green Spaces broadly covers three main areas of work; maintenance, development, and management. Under this page, you can find more details about our ongoing maintenance works, the Environmental Improvement Team who focus on management and development, and our Green Space Strategy which underpins and informs the service we offer to the residents of Walsall.
The Green Space Strategy has been recently reviewed, and our 2018 -2022 edition of the Strategy is now available to view online.

Our work also includes supporting events and activities across the borough, and for more information about holdng events in our parks, or our own activities we run, please go to our pages for Events, Activities, and Hiring. This include our Active Outdoors project, which updates seaonally to advertise opportunities to get active in our greenspaces through organised activities.

For any other information regarding our Parks and Green Spaces, please ask for the Healthy Spaces Team on 01922 653344 ,or email us at