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Walsall Council writes to all Walsall schools about phased re-opening

  • 20 May 2020
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The letter, counter-signed by Councillor Chris Towe, Portfolio Holder for Education and Skills and Sally Rowe, Director of Children’s Services was sent to schools on 20 May. It explains how Walsall Council has been looking at how the phased re-opening of schools will be achieved and is working with maintained schools and academies to agree a common approach. Schools have been asked to share the letter with parents and carers.

As part of their comprehensive risk assessment process, schools are currently reviewing requirements for social distancing, hygiene and cleaning required daily as well as organisational changes they may need to make.

Councillor Towe said:

“We fully recognise that the prospect of children going back to school may be causing anxiety to many families and so wanted to reassure them that we are considering this matter extremely carefully.

“Initially, the majority of children will not be able to start on a full-time basis on 1 June. The number of children in a school at any one time will be dictated by the size of the classrooms, lay out and differing circumstances of the school as well as ensuring the availability of staff.”

“Each school will risk assess the number of pupils feasible in each classroom to maintain social distancing and these may well vary within a particular school and across all schools.”

“Children’s Services officers continue to work closely with head teachers in these unprecedented times. We want to thank all heads, teachers and school staff for the amazing job they have been doing and continue to do.”   

“We are all responding to new guidance as it emerges and therefore the situation remains changeable.”


Link to letter to parents and carers

Frequently asked questions

  1. Will my child be taught by the same teacher in the same classroom?

As classes will have to be smaller it is possible that your child will be taught by a different teacher in a different classroom.

  1. Will my child miss out if I do not send him or her to school?

We will not be teaching a full curriculum but the schools will be assessing the children so they can best provide their education.

  1. I will have difficulties because I have children in different schools or because of the staggered start and finish times. What should I do?

You should contact the schools and explain your difficulties.They will be pleased to help.

  1. The bus my child takes to school is not running or may be very full.  What do I do?

You should contact the school and explain your difficulty.Your school will be pleased to help.

  1. My child has special needs. What should I do?

Your child’s school will have an assessment of him or her and will advise you whether your child should return to school.

  1. Will children or staff wear PPE?

No, unless a child is unwell when a member of staff will wear PPE and take him or her to a separate room, or if a child needs personal care or has specific needs.

  1. My child is worried about returning to school. What should I do?

You should reassure him or her and explain that we are making school as safe and enjoyable as possible. You can help by explaining about hand washing and social distancing.

  1. Will I be fined if I keep my child at home?

While the government is encouraging families to take up the places offered by schools you can choose to keep your child/children at home and will not be penalised for doing so at this time.

  1. How will I know when my child can return to school?

Schools will inform you of the arrangements they are making and will let you know when your children can attend school from 1 June.


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