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Leader of Walsall Council announces new cabinet role

  • 10 September 2020
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At a meeting of cabinet last night, Councillor Mike Bird, Leader of Walsall Council, made an announcement of a new role within his cabinet. Councillor Garry Perry was declared to be an additional Deputy Leader of the Council, for Resilient Communities.

During the meeting, Councillor Bird explained that provisions within the Local Government Act 2000 allow him, as Leader, to make the appointment. Councillor Adrian Andrew is to remain as the statutory Deputy Leader of the council to ensure the smooth running of the council in the event of the Leader being unavailable.

Councillor Bird said:

“This new role will give Councillor Perry the authority to dip into any cabinet portfolio, acting under my direction in relation to the community role that he now has.

“He has done an exceptional job during this pandemic and I believe this new role will enable him to continue building resilience locally.”

Councillor Perry said:

“At cabinet last night, I put forward a modern definition of Resilient Communities, which can be summed up in three words – advancing despite adversity. We have seen this throughout the COVID pandemic and I think the council, our communities and our partners, can rightly look back with great pride at what has been achieved since March.”

“However, we are still living with COVID; this is one of our biggest challenges at the moment and is likely to be for some considerable time yet.”

“I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into this new cabinet role and continuing to support our communities; the last six months have really shown that our communities are where Walsall’s greatest strengths lie.”

Note to editor

Cabinet meeting 9 September 2020

Cabinet meeting 9 September 2020 (agenda and papers)

Local Government Act 2000

Schedule A1 of The Local Government Act 2000 requires the Council to have a statutory Deputy Leader if for any reason the leader is unable to act or the office of leader is vacant, the deputy executive leader must act in the executive leader's place.

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