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Laptop Loaning Scheme Making a Difference

  • 25 January 2021
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Laptop Loaning Scheme Making a Difference

IMPACT Walsall has recently had the opportunity alongside all of the Impact Black Country partners to apply for an ESF grant to purchase laptops and dongles as part of the “Digital Connection Black Country” Project. This has enabled Walsall to deliver a new “Laptop Loaning” scheme, designed to give those without the means of accessing PCs for use of job searching and career development a chance to do so.

The Impact Programme Management team successfully procured, purchased from a Walsall based business and allocated 30 laptops and dongles in the short space of 6 weeks and already they are making a difference to the lives of our young people. 

We’ve had a great response to this scheme over the festive break, with many of those receiving laptops feeding back to their advisors of the great work that they’ve been up to.

One of which comes from Aaron Gharu, one of our Employment Advisors. His participant has been using his laptop to write a book titled “Utopia” and is currently working on an online cookery course during lockdown, cooking up a storm in live online cooking classes.

“The laptop is great, it makes things so much easier doing online courses as well as communication, plus I’m able to make better progress in my studies as well as writing my book” – NM (Anonymised)

We’ve also seen how these laptops have been crucial to helping advisors support their clients more than ever before, especially during national COVID-19 lockdown challenges. One such advisor is Daniel Johnson, who had the following to say:

“Without these computers it would have been largely impossible to provide adequate support for those I have on my Impact caseload whilst we’ve had the restrictions in place.

Many have fed back to me, with one saying: ‘I can’t believe you’d help me like this, I’m so grateful, thank you’.

It has meant that I have been able to utilise the online learning tools and courses that overcomes many barriers for our participants. It’s really empowering for some of those we work with just to have a computer.

So when they are given one that they can utilise for their course and help organise themselves generally it really shows the Impact we are having in the community.” – Dan Johnson, Impact Advisor

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