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Walsall Council seizes three ‘flytip’ vehicles in less than two days

Walsall Council seizes three ‘flytip’ vehicles in less than two days
Published on 12 February 2021 Print

Walsall Council’s Community Protection Officers have recently seized three vehicles.  The vehicles are thought to be involved in the dumping of waste at a fly tipping hot spot in central Walsall.  Strong evidence that was captured on the Council’s covert CCTV cameras, links all three of the seized vehicles to a considerable number of flytipping offences in the borough - and the dumping of up 200 black bin bags of waste. Two of the vehicles were seized during an early morning council sting on 11 February. Following on from this dawn swoop, officers also removed a third vehicle early this morning.  This car and the two other vehicles are all believed to be associated with a series of related environmental offences.

Council investigators also have intelligence that link the respective flytipping offences and vehicles to one specific business in Walsall.  The council investigations are ongoing.

Councillor Perry, Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for Resilient Communities said: “Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Stronger - these are our priorities and when a disregard is shown to the ideals for our Borough, we will not hesitate to act.  We have long warned that we will use every tool available to help us do the job. Every taxpayer and resident alike will no doubt applaud the resolve and actions of our officers and led to the seizure of these vehicles.”


Notes to editors

•       On Thursday 11 February, Community Protection Officers seized two vehicles and on Friday 12 February, they seized another.

•       All three vehicles are connected with up to 200 bags of dumped rubbish at a flytip hotspot.

•       The vehicles and owners are believed to have links to the same business.

•       Flytipping in Walsall costs the borough approximately £500, 000 a year in clear up costs.

•       Walsall Council where necessary will use all the powers at its disposal to tackle Flytipping and ASB - including the seizing of vehicles

•       Community Protection Officers are part of a small dedicated council team that set up to deal with fly tipping offences and demonstrate  robust action against offenders.

•       Fly tipping is a criminal offence and vehicle seizure is one of a range of enforcement tools available to the team.   The maximum penalty for conviction in the courts is an unlimited fine or up to 5 years imprisonment

•       During 2020, the Community Protection team issued 45 Fixed Penalty Notices to individuals caught depositing rubbish in Walsall.

•       There is no excuse for Flytipping

•       Walsall council operates two household waste recycling centres in the borough where non- commercial waste is responsibly disposed.

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