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Seize the day, seize the vehicle - council puts brakes on flytippers

Published on 19 March 2021 Print

Community Protection Officers are stopping flytippers in their tracks, seizing their vehicles and then crushing them, or selling them on - as Walsall Council cracks down on the illegal dumpers.  Since January of this year, Walsall Council has already seized four vehicles. Acting on CCTV and wider intelligence, Community Protection Officers had identified these vehicles as all being associated with criminal activity and directly involved in the dumping of illegal waste across Walsall.

After a recent series of council raids, three vehicles were seized and then towed away. The vehicles will now be sold for council revenue, or crushed depending on their market value. In another recent and related council swoop, a suspicious looking vehicle that was parked in an isolated area of Walsall was also seized. The van was cross-referenced and found to be ‘a vehicle of interest’ - that was potentially linked to some earlier fly tipping offences caught on CCTV footage.  Officers had spotted it  parked up loaded with, garden waste.  Further council and DVLA checks quickly revealed the vehicle was untaxed and presented in an unsafe condition. Bailiffs seized the van on the same day it was reported as suspicious - and Walsall Council later crushed it on 10 March.

Walsall Council Leader, Cllr Mike Bird said:

“We are all sick of flytipping, so I am determined to throw all the powers we have at it and stamp it out of Walsall. From April 2020 to February 2021 we recorded 3271 cases of flytipping and it cost us £250,177 to clean up the mess left behind."

"I am very pleased that our tough vehicle action has dealt a crushing blow to those selfish few, who think they are exempt from the law."

“Vehicle seizures, prosecutions and fixed penalty fines send out a strong message that this council really means business."

“So be warned - we will fine you, we will find you and we will crush your vehicle.”


Council Leader, Cllr Mike Bird is determined to crackdown on flytippers.  Watch this short video.


P1 Seized and crushed vehicle,

P2 Removal by council,

P3 Councillor Garry Perry, Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for community safety - siezed car for sale 

Notes to editors

  • In February 2021, Walsall Council Community Protection Officers seized 3 vehicles.
  • Another vehicle associated with flytipping in Walsall was seized by the DVLA and recently crushed.
  • All three vehicles are thought to be connected with up to 200 bags of dumped rubbish at a flytip hotspot.
  • The vehicles and owners are believed to have links to the same business.
  • From April 2020 to February 2021 flytipping in Walsall cost the borough £250,177 to clean up the mess left behind.
  • We recorded 3271 cases in this time.
  • Walsall Council where necessary will use all the powers at its disposal to tackle Flytipping and ASB - including the seizing of vehicles.
  • Since 2020 Walsall council has carried out 4 successful prosecutions for flytipping in the borough and issued 45 fixed penalty notices
  • Community Protection Officers are part of a small dedicated council team that set up to deal with fly tipping offences and demonstrate the Council’s commitment to take robust action against offenders. 
  • Fly tipping is a criminal offence and vehicle seizure is one of a range of enforcement tools available to the team.  The maximum penalty for conviction in the courts is an unlimited fine or up to 5 years imprisonment
  • There is no excuse for Flytipping
  • Walsall council operates two household waste recycling centres in the borough where non- commercial waste is responsibly disposed.

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