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Increase in the number of ‘preferred’ primary school offers for children in Walsall

Published on 16 April 2021 Print

Today (16 April) is ‘National Offer Day’ and children across the country will learn which primary school they will be attending in September 2021.  Walsall Council has invested heavily in its primary schools, increasing the number of places available in schools in areas of high demand.  Thousands of children will be now be offered places at Walsall primary schools - with more children in the borough who applied on-time, being offered a place at their preferred school.

Children’s Services have also worked closely with schools and families to emphasise the importance of meeting the application deadline. In Walsall, 3,541 primary school applications were received on time and every applicant who applied on time has received an offer of a school place for September 2021. Of those, 3,235 (91.36 percent) received their first preference, 161 (4.52 per cent) their second preference and 51 (1.44 per cent) their third preference.

Sharon Kelly, Director of Access and Inclusion at Walsall Council said:  

“Given the challenges faced by so many families due to the impact of COVID-19, we are really pleased to have received such a large number of ‘on time’ applications. We have worked in partnership with Walsall schools and families to highlight the importance of getting applications in on time and this has worked. It’s a real achievement and this terrific effort from both school and families has meant that more children than ever have been allocated their first preference of primary school.

“Our thanks must go to everyone that has made this happen and we wish joy and success to those children starting their learning journeys at primary school in September 2021.”

Of the 94 children in Walsall not offered one of their preferred schools, 60 of these applicants had expressed a preference for only one school - rather than using all of the three preferences that every applicant is entitled to. Walsall Council therefore advises applicants to utilise all three preferences and also recommends that all families contact their preferred schools before submitting an application.

The entire primary schools admissions process is now online, so parents can view their results on ‘offer day’ by logging into Walsall Council’s School Admissions Portal.

 The council will also be sending emails to the families of all those children who submitted on time applications to confirm their school allocation.

Notes to editor

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  • Walsall Council allows up to three preferences for primary schools applications.
  • Please use all three preferences on the application form and make you’re your application form is submitted on time.
  • This is the best way to increase your chance of getting a place at one of your preferred schools.
  • When children are not offered a place at one of their ‘preferred’ schools, it is in many cases because applicants had only preferenced one school, rather than using all of the three preferences that every applicant is entitled to.

Primary school offer numbers and percentages (as of 16 April 2021)

  • The table below shows the outcomes from the 2021 primary admission rounds.
  • The data relates to on-time applications from Walsall residents only,

Please note that this data is a snapshot of the position at the time the offers were made on 16 April 2021 and is subject to change throughout the admission round.




 April 2021 Primary Offer Day



Offered 1st preference



Offered 2nd preference



Offered 3rd preference



Offered one of their 3 preferences



 Not offered any preferred school and allocated an alternative **



Total On-time Applications




 April 2020 Primary Offer Day



Offered 1st preference



Offered 2nd preference



Offered 3rd preference



Offered one of their 3 preferences



 Not offered any preferred school and allocated an alternative **



Total On-time Applications



Year 2017/18

*- % rounding factor so may be more than 100%