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Improved recycling facilities proposed for borough residents

Improved recycling facilities proposed for borough residents
Published on 30 September 2021 Print

The council has unveiled plans this week to update and improve Household Waste Recycling Centres in Walsall and bring back into use a derelict industrial site in Aldridge by building a new HWRC there.  The major improvements to Walsall’s Household Waste Recycling Centres proposed by Walsall Council, will help create a cleaner, greener Walsall and better protect the environment.  The new Aldridge facility will also house a ‘re-use and up-cycling shop’, selling refreshed household furniture and goods. The new multi- faceted site will include a trade waste facility, for use by small local businesses, to help tackle flytipping across the borough and will also house a new ‘waste transfer station’, where council bin lorries will take waste collected from homes and businesses in the area. This waste will then be processed off-site, at separate ‘energy-from-waste’ and recycling facilities, or sent to landfill. 

With an increase in the population of Walsall, the current waste transfer station at Fryers Road is simply not big enough and it now falls short of current standards.  The new and improved facilities will help the council to achieve the Government’s environmental targets, to recycle at least 65% of Walsall’s waste by 2035 and send no more than 10% of waste to landfill. Currently, 40% of waste collected in Walsall is recycled

As part of the improvement proposals, the Fryers Road site will also be revamped to provide a bigger and better Household Waste Recycling Centre for residents and increase the range of items that can be re-purposed or recycled.  When the new HWRC and transfer station at Middlemore Lane is up and running and Fryers Road is operational too, the HWRC at Merchants Way will close.

Cllr Adrian Andrew, Deputy Leader of Walsall Council said:

“These proposals are much needed and will bring a long derelict site back in to use which will really be of benefit to Walsall. 

“As our population increases, so does the need for everyone to be more considerate of our environment and to manage waste more effectively. The current facilities have served us well over a long period, but now need significant improvement. What we are proposing will vastly improve the existing facilities in the borough, helping us all to recycle and re-use more of our waste, more easily and more effectively.” 

“Importantly the new HWRCs will also house banks of solar panels, generating much of the renewable energy needed to run each site.  This is cost effective and sustainable with the added bonus that it saves residents’ time, as the queuing at the sites will be reduced and have a positive impact on local roads.”

Councillor Oliver Butler, Portfolio Holder for Clean and Green Services added:

“We must think and plan ahead to meet the Government’s new targets for reducing waste and recycling more. The proposed plans for Middlemore Lane and Fryers Road will do this and benefit not just the current population, but also future generations in Walsall.”

“The new facilities are for everyone, so we’re encouraging Walsall residents to find out more and to ‘have your say’ on the proposals because we want to understand how to provide the best services we can.”

During the month of October, Walsall Council has planned ‘drop in’ and public engagement sessions in Aldridge and Bloxwich so residents can find out more and ask questions about the proposals. 

The borough can also take part in an online survey to share their views on the new plans.  A link to the survey and more information about the proposals, including architect’s images of the proposed new facility at Middlemore Lane, can be found at


Note to Editors:

Proposals in brief:

  • developing a new 'super' HWRC at Middlemore Lane, Aldridge
  • moving the WTS from Fryers Road to Middlemore Lane (next to the new HWRC)
  • closing the WTS at Fryers Road
  • redeveloping Fryers Road to provide bigger and better HWRC facilities to residents
  • closing the HWRC in Merchants Way

Improvements to be made in phases:

  1. Complete the new facilities at Middlemore Lane
  2. Close Fryers Road for re-development
  3. Once work at Fryers Road has been completed, and the two new HWRCs are open, close Merchants Way HWRC
  • A planning application Middlemore Lane is being prepared and will be submitted in the coming months.
  • From Monday 27 September residents and businesses near Middlemore Lane, Fryers Road and Merchants Way will receive a newsletter explaining the proposals and how to comment on them.
  • Full details will be published on including a link to an online survey where comments can be submitted.
  • Public information events will be held at;
    • Aldridge Library:  Saturday 9 October & Wednesday 13 October, 10-4pm
    • Bloxwich Library: Saturday 16 October & Wednesday 20 October, 10-4pm

Engagement will close on Sunday 31 October 2021 but there will be further opportunities to comment as part of the planning process.