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Update/FAQs on Rosedene Rescue Centre

  • 17 January 2018
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 What licence does Rosedene Rescue Centre operate under?

Rosedene Rescue Centre operates as a dog rescue centre. There is no statutory requirement for dog rescue or rehoming centres to be licensed by the local authority. However; the Rosedene Rescue Centre takes in dogs and then re-homes the animals, where possible, for a fee.

Under legislation, the selling of the dogs either for a fixed price or a donation effectively makes Rosedene Rescue Centre a retail pet shop and under these circumstances it is licensed on an annual basis by Walsall Council as a pet shop.

This licence runs on a calendar-year basis from January through to December each year. Rosedene’s licence was renewed in 2017 following inspection by council officers and a vet.

What authority does Walsall Council have in relation to Rosedene Rescue Centre?

Walsall Council is responsible for deciding whether or not to grant licences for businesses such as Rosedene Rescue Centre.  As part of this process, an inspection of the premises is undertaken to ensure the application is correct — and that legislative requirements are met. If a licence is issued, monitoring visits will follow. If there are complaints about the premises officers can visit to assess and ensure standards are maintained.

All business have the right to appeal to the magistrates court should the Council refuse to grant a licence, or impose what they believe to be unreasonable conditions.

How often are pet shops in Walsall borough inspected by the Council?

All pet shops in Walsall borough are inspected at least annually by Walsall Council Environmental Health Officers in line with national environmental health standards.

If deemed necessary, the Council can inspect a property more frequently and take an animal expert such as a vet with them. Rosedene Rescue Centre was inspected on a number of occasions in 2017, primarily around a rat infestation which was subsequently addressed. 

There are reports on social media that Rosedene Rescue Centre also offers boarding services; does the centre require a boarding licence?

Not necessarily - unless the main business is as an animal boarding establishment. To our knowledge the centre only receives a small number of boarders. (Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 Section 5.1.a)

Who is responsible for stray dogs in Walsall borough?

Walsall Council is responsible for receiving and kennelling stray dogs found within the borough.

Residents are required by law to have their dog micro-chipped so that should it become stray, the microchip can be scanned and the finder can return the dog to its owner more easily.

Does Walsall Council send stray dogs to Rosedene Rescue Centre?

No, Rosedene Rescue Centre does not receive stray dogs on behalf of the Council. During business hours, council dog wardens take any stray dogs to Sunnyside Kennels. If stray dogs are found after hours, members of the public are asked to take the animal to Swanpit Kennels and Cattery in Gnossall if keeping the dog overnight or until the next business day is not an option.

Reporting concerns to the Council

All concerns and evidence will be viewed and investigated. Any member of the public with  concerns relating to operations at any pet shop, boarding establishment or rescue centre in the borough should report these concerns to Walsall Council’s Environmental Health team via email environmentalhealth@walsall.gov.uk or by calling 01922 654691