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Road safety campaign to urge ’Don’t lose the love of your life’

  • 5 February 2018
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Walsall Council is launching a road safety campaign to remind young drivers of the potentially catastrophic consequences of dangerous and inappropriate driving.

This year's campaign, launched on Valentine's Day on Wednesday 14 February, will involve all 4 of The Black Country councils and will remind young men and women of the need to take responsibility for their passengers when they get behind the wheel.

It also seeks to encourage passengers to speak out if they find themselves in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Walsall will launch the campaign at Walsall College and will feature a display to show that 187 young people aged 17 to 24 have been killed or seriously injured in the West Midlands within the last 12 months. It is hoped that the display will provide a visual impact to capture the attention of students and encourage discussion about driver behaviour and coping strategies which passengers should adopt, should they find themselves in a vehicle when they don't feel comfortable.

Councillor Lee Jeavons, portfolio holder for transport said: "As a father of children in this age group, I can only encourage young drivers to heed these reminders. A car can be a deadly weapon if your mind isn't fully focused and we don't want anyone from Walsall becoming another number to this statistic.

"The message is simple: 'don't lose the love of your life by allowing your mind to be distracted when you get behind the wheel'," he added,

Road safety officers will also encourage Walsall College students to use the road safety driving simulator to consider how distractions, including drugs and alcohol can impair their driving behaviour.