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Important information about the Annual Canvas

  • 8 July 2019
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Late on Friday emails were sent out to around 30.000 residents inviting them to check and update information that appears on the electoral register for their address.

Please do look out for the email, in case it goes to your junk folder. It will show as 'Elecreg on behalf of Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council <noreply@elecreg.co.uk>'.

Sending out email notifications saves a significant amount of money on postage. If you have a hard copy of the form to complete, please do add your email address.

The text in the email is as follows:


Dear John Bloggs,

Every year, we are required to write to each household to confirm that the information we have on the electoral register is correct.

These are the electors that we have registered in this house:

John J Bloggs
Lucy Smith

To confirm the details for your household please visit:


and enter your postcode and two security codes which are:

Part 1: 111111
Part 2: 22222

Details about the changes you can make are explained on the website. Please follow the instructions on screen and complete your response before 18 July 2019.

For more information about electoral registration please visit:


Kind regards

Electoral Services Office
Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council