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Gold Switch Health Award for Golden Bowl

  • 11 September 2018
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Gold Switch Health Award for Golden Bowl

If you fancy a Chinese takeaway but are looking for a lighter option, look no further than the Golden Bowl in Willenhall. The popular busines which is owned and managed by Li Wu has recently earned a Gold Switch Health Award from Walsall Council.  Li has been serving up a variety of fast and tasty meals in Willenhall for over 10 years and has worked hard to build up a loyal following. Chinese meals are known for their variety of textures and ingredients and feature finely sliced vegetables which when cooked at ‘wok warp speed’ retain more flavour and texture. Li has made some small adjustments to family favourites, which means they are still high on taste but lower in fat and salt. The business monitors the salt content in all dishes, uses reduced salt gravy and has omitted it altogether from its sweet and sour sauces. These changes have been a hit with customers along with an adapted menu which offers the ‘lighter’ vegetable options of curry and chow meins and boiled rice as an alternative to egg fried. With any English dish, customers can also swap their chips for salad. 
Owner Li said: “Chinese food is delicious and often contains many different vegetables - all of which contribute to your ‘five a day.’ I believe in using fresh, high quality ingredients - as this the key to a good quality. 
"Health Switch has been great for my business and the simple changes suggested, have already made a difference. We are selling a lot more boiled rice with our popular meat and vegetable curries and have introduced a mini portion for children. This smaller size option, especially the vegetable chow mein - which is piled high with fresh veg, is now a firm favourite with our health conscious customers. Being responsive to your customers’ requests is so important - it helps build your business and secure your reputation."  

Notes to Editors

  •  Walsall Council Health Switch Award is a collaboration between Public Health and Environmental Health which targets businesses that have achieved a Food hygiene Rating Score of 4 (Good ) or 5 (Very Good)
  • It helps takeways explore low cost /no cost measures which are healthy for customers and good for business. If you are a food business owner, interested in finding out more about Food Hygiene ratings and how the Health Switch Award can help you, please contact Walsall Council  Environmental Health team on 01922 653011