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Waste collection services during COVID-19 (coronavirus)

  • 1 April 2020
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During the COVID-19 emergency Walsall Council is working hard to maintain key front line public services and, like many other businesses and service providers, we are facing challenges with self-isolation, government restrictions and impact on our staff.

With this in mind, we are prioritising the collection of grey and green household waste and recycling bins every two weeks. Garden waste collections that were due to commence on 6 April 2020 have been suspended until further notice to ensure resources are available to maintain this priority service.

The local Household Waste & Recycling Centre sites are closed after our contractor decided to close both sites due to their own staffing concerns.  Furthermore, this activity does not fall under any of the four essential reasons for travel at this time.

The collection of bulky household items has also been temporarily suspended – this is not an essential service.

We are asking for everyone’s support at this difficult time to make services run as efficiently as possible. We understand that with many more residents at home during this period there is the likelihood of increased waste being created by households, and we have received numerous requests from residents that additional waste be collected by our crews to alleviate this. Our focus is on ensuring everyone gets a two week collection and unfortunately we do not have the operational capacity to take additional side waste at this time. 

There are more than 116,500 households in the borough, and we are asking for everyone’s support at this difficult time to make services run as smoothly as possible. We would ask that if residents do choose to use this current global public health emergency and period during which we are required to stay at home to spring clean their homes and gardens that they do so in the understanding that council services are not at a capacity where we are able to absorb this additional pressure.   

We all need to work together, adjust our behaviours and help each other in these unprecedented times. 

Everyone can help by simply placing bins out by 6.30am on the scheduled collection day, not presenting any additional waste, ensuring bin lids are closed for the safety of our crews, and ensuring the right items are placed in the right bins so we can continue to empty your bins each time.  

There are a few simple measures that can be taken to help create capacity in your bin at this time:

  • Ensure the correct items are placed in the correct bin.

  • Squash any cardboard boxes, pop bottles and tins etc. to increase capacity in your green recycling bin.

  • For any items that do not need to go in the grey bin at this point in time and that can be stored safely at your home, such as clothing, children’s toys, shoes, DIY materials and so on, it is requested that you do so, as these can be taken to the tip or collected at a later date when services normalise. 

  • Use your grey bin to prioritise the disposal of more offensive items, such as food waste, nappies, non-recyclable takeaway containers and so on, that do need to be taken away every two weeks to help manage grey bin capacity.

Please note that current guidance from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs advises that waste should be held for 72 hours prior to placing out for collection due to potential contamination, particularly where residents have had symptoms or have been in self-isolation. Under these guidelines, waste and recycling should not be being placed in your grey or green bins within 72 hours of your scheduled collection day, and should be stored at the property to be placed in the bin after collection. These are government measures to stop the spread of coronavirus and protect the safety of bin crews and the wider public.   

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