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Walsall council offers advice and support for the re-opening of businesses

  • 22 May 2020
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With the Government’s recently announcements and changes to lockdown, the council are monitoring the impact on our urban centres, local communities and parks. We are responding with advice and support to facilitate social distancing and the reopening of local businesses. Queuing has been identified as a concern for shops, banks and their customers and some businesses have sought advice from the council around how best to operate. In response we have put together some key pointers for them to consider:

  • Manage queues within the confines of your frontage wherever possible to avoid impacting your neighbours. If this isn’t possible, please talk to neighbouring premises and work together. As a last resort, it may be possible to use space on the road however this must be with the prior agreement of the Council so that we can ensure the safety of road users and your customers.
  • Define areas to indicate where pedestrians should stand whilst queuing – the council are happy for you to use the space on the footway but please leave room for pedestrians to pass safely.
  • If you are able to have a dedicated member of staff managing the queue for your business or shop during busier times we would encourage you to do so
  • Use “Please come back later” signs when capacity is reached or “Queue time is 10 minute from this point!” – the council are happy for you to put these on the footway without prior permission but please be considerate to pedestrians and other businesses when you place them.
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