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Ryders Hayes’ pupils enjoy a day ‘down the depot’

  • 13 March 2020
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Ryders Hayes’ pupils enjoy a day ‘down the depot’

Pupils from Ryders Hayes Community Primary School visited Walsall Council’s Environmental Depot in Brownhills as part of the ‘Black Country Skills Factory ‘Primary Careers 2030’ project.  In total, 59 children took part in four workshops focusing on caring for the environment as part of finding out about future careers and roles in the field. 

The year 4 pupils got to see a Tarmac gritting wagon up close and were eager to sit in some of the council’s street cleansing and grounds maintenance operational vehicles.  The gritting trucks, bin collection wagon, street sweeper and mowers were all in ‘safe mode’ as the children got to see how they worked and how they help in keeping the environment clean and tidy. 

A tour of the depot, the operational base for Clean and Green Services, was part of the day as children chatted with members of staff and learned about the work of the different teams in the service. Pupils worked together in small groups in interactive workshops and had lively debates focusing on littering and fly tipping and creating sustainable energy.

Councillor Oliver Butler, Portfolio Holder for Clean & Green said: 

“The ‘Careers 2030’ project has been a great opportunity for us to give the pupils an insight into the work that is taking place to care for our environment at the present time, and also our plans for the future. The teams thoroughly enjoyed showing their visitors what happens ‘behind the scenes’ at the depot.  I hope the visit has captured the imagination of our future workforce and inspired them to consider a career caring for our environment.”

Nicki Harris, Careers 2030 Project Officer explained: 

“It is vital to allow children to make informed decisions and to broaden their horizons by exposing them to a range of activities across a variety of sectors. It is wonderful to watch how enthusiastic the children are and what they take from each event is truly remarkable. Raising aspirations and challenging stereo types is critical and the impact this project will have on children from years 3 to 6 is amazing.”

“‘Walsall Council’s Environmental Depot really gave the children food for thought and in an ever changing environment, it is critical to ensure the children are aware of careers that will be available to them in 2030. It was an amazing day.”

Jaz Paul – Head of School said: 

“Ryders Hayes children had a fantastic opportunity to develop their cultural capital by understand how much is involved in maintaining the environment. Finding out about the different careers available to them in the environment sector, meeting specialists and having hands-on experiences really brought learning to life!”

Councillor Butler said:

"I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in organising the day at Clean and Green along with Tarmac.  Clearly a lot of hard work and effort went in to arranging the different activities for this day."

"I was able to go round the depot myself as the different events took place and it was clear how much the pupils enjoyed the day."

"So well done to everybody involved".



Notes to Editors:

Ryders Hayes Primary school has been working with Black Country Skills Factory, funded by the Careers Enterprise Company (CEC), to lead one of the first Primary Careers Hubs in the UK.

The project works closely with partners to ensure the children experience a range of hands-on activities which will be the norm in 2030. Partners include colleges, universities, local employers and employees from all sectors including Walsall Council. More information can be found at

Pupils worked together in small groups in interactive workshops and had lively debates focusing on:

  • The effects that littering and fly tipping could have on their everyday surroundings including in their neighbourhoods, high streets and on wildlife.
  • Creating sustainable energy sources from wood chippings that could be used for bio-mass fuel.
  • Taking away and planting their own ‘future trees’; seeds which will grow to become the forests of tomorrow. 

For more information about the Environmental Depot and Clean and Green Services please contact Walsall Council’s Communications Team on 01922 654619.

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