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Fortnightly garden waste collections to resume in Walsall

  • 21 May 2020
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The free garden waste collection service was set to resume for the 2020 season on 6 April 2020. However due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Walsall like many authorities across the UK, decided to suspend the service until further notice in order to successfully maintain the grey and green bin collection service without disruption.

An initial limited service for household garden waste collections resumed on 11 May 2020, based on a model of five weekly collections.

Staffing and vehicle resource availability have now been reviewed and it is now considered to be sustainable to reintroduce free fortnightly collections without impacting on the provision of other key services such as household waste collections, recycling collections and essential cemetery operations. As a result fortnightly service will now start from 15 June 2020.

Councillor Oliver Butler, Portfolio Holder for Clean and Green at Walsall Council said:

“I know that, with people being busy in their gardens and with the recent fine weather during lockdown, they’ve really missed their normal service, so I’m really pleased that we can now start operating our free fortnightly collection schedules.”

“Every household will have received one collection as part of our phased reintroduction of brown bin collections prior to the step up to operating a full service.”

“Both myself and Councillor Bird have made it very clear that we will only reintroduce services if they are deliverable, sustainable and operationally robust and we make no apologies to anybody for doing so. Later in the season we will review whether we are able to extend the service to allow for the initial late season start, phased introduction of service and autumn leaf fall conditions.”  

“Fortnightly collections, in conjunction with the tips successfully re-opening under revised operating arrangements and the bulky collection service having started back up at a reduced cost should really help all our residents who’ve been busy at home.”

Work is now in hand to revise the online bin collection dates postcode finder. From 15 June the schedule will reflect the dates previously published in the calendar sent to all households earlier this year.

Note to Editor

Walsall’s garden waste collection service continues to be free of charge. It is a discretionary service, not a service which the council has a statutory duty to deliver. Many local authorities charge a fee for this service.

Social distancing for crew members will be maintained via re-designed operational arrangements.

Bins should be presented by 6.30am on day of collection.

Bins to be presented at boundary of property and should not restrict access to the footway or cause an obstruction.

The range of materials that can be accepted in the brown bin includes:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Leaves from the garden
  • Tree and shrub prunings
  • Hedge clippings
  • Weeds
  • Old plants and flowers

Loose garden waste only. If brown bins contain unacceptable items they will not be emptied.

NO – plastic bin liners, metal, animal waste/bedding, kitchen waste, large amounts of soil, stones, bricks, rubble, ash, sawdust, sand, fencing, garden chemicals, glass, paper, cardboard, general household waste, garden furniture, turf.

Due to resource limitations, contaminated bins, bins not presented and missed bins will not be collected until the next scheduled collection date, provided any offending material has been removed and they are presented in accordance with Waste Policy.

Other ways you can manage your garden waste

Information about waste and recycling services in Walsall can be found at

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