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Congratulations to Woodlands Academy of Learning, winners of the A*STARS inter-school quiz

  • 20 June 2019
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Congratulations to Woodlands Academy of Learning, winners of the A*STARS inter-school quiz

School students celebrated their knowledge of healthier and more active ways to travel at an annual inter-school quiz, which took place on Wednesday 19 June 2019.

The A*STARS (Active Sustainable Travel and Road Safety) programme, run by Walsall Council, provides schools with the resources to improve road safety, traffic management and sustainable travel.  A key element of the initiative is to provide pupils with the necessary skills to make safer and healthier choices.

Each year the quiz brings together students from across the borough to go head-to-head in a friendly inter-school competition. In the run up to the event, pupils took part in quizzes in their school to highlight how much they have learnt throughout the year. Four pupils, from years 4 and 5, were chosen to represent their school at the annual quiz, with the hope of winning the coveted A*STARS inter-schools trophy.

Congratulations to Woodlands Academy of Learning who won first place and will have their name added to the A*STARS trophy. Pool Hayes Primary School was in second place and Emmanuel School in third.

As well as the quiz, students were able to take part in a drama workshop, run by Konflux Theatre. The workshop was a fun way to share their thoughts on road safety and different ways to travel to school.

The Mayor of Walsall, Councillor Paul Bott, said: “It was great to come along and see just how much our students have learned about road safety and active travel. The A*STARS project is a great way to engage our youngsters and is having a positive impact on the borough, helping to make Walsall a safer place for all.”

In addition to increasing knowledge, the programme aims to make schools a safer environment by improving traffic management, a hot topic with many parents. The steady uptake of sustainable travel initiatives, such as walking buses and safer cycle routes, will not only provide health benefits; it will decrease congestion and lead to the continued improvement of the school commute.

Anyone interested in learning more about the programme can visit the A*STARS website:

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