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Playgrounds and outdoor gyms

  • 3 July 2020
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Whilst the Government has announced that playgrounds can reopen from 4 July, we have made the decision not to reopen the 63 playgrounds across the borough and the 19 outdoor gyms and trim trails. This decision has not been made lightly. To be able to follow the guidance on how these areas can be safely reopened requires more resources than we currently have available. Services are continuing to try and find a solution but for now the areas will remain closed as we do not want to increase the risk of a spike in coronavirus cases.

Walsall Council is asking residents to work together and support Walsall to develop a ‘new normal’ that will keep everyone safe

  • 1 July 2020
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With the Government gradually easing lockdown measures across the country, from Saturday 4 July we will start to see more pubs, restaurants and cafés open in Walsall.  Despite the easing of restrictions, a trip to a local bar or place to eat will be a very different experience from how it was before the coronavirus outbreak. 

Outbreak plan aims to help control coronavirus

  • 30 June 2020
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The approach to managing the next stage of the pandemic in Walsall is outlined in a detailed plan published today.

The Walsall Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan outlines how local knowledge, data and expertise will be used to prevent further outbreaks and manage the virus over time as part of the national NHS Test and Trace programme.
The development and publication of this plan is in line with government announcements in May that every local authority was required to develop and publish a local outbreak control plan.
The plan is led by the borough’s Director of Public Health and the approach will see public health experts work locally with residents, businesses, the community, voluntary organisations, local government partners and Public Health England to share key messages regarding how to stay safe and provide reassurance that should an outbreak occur there is an approach and resources to quickly contain the spread of coronavirus.


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