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Perimeter CCTV Cameras in cemeteries

Published on 29 July 2021 Print

Walsall Council is to install perimeter CCTV cameras at Willenhall Lawn Cemetery, later this year, following recent reports of vandalism at the site.

Whilst there have been no other reports of vandalism at other cemeteries in the borough, the council is also investigating the use of cameras across these sites too.

Cameras at the cemetery will act as a deterrent to any ‘would be’ vandals and remind them that council ‘eyes are upon’ them. In the interim period before the cameras are installed, the council is to increase its patrol presence at the Willenhall site. It will also take swift enforcement action against anyone who is caught causing damage to any of the borough’s cemeteries and graves.

Councillor Garry Perry, Deputy Leader of Walsall Council said:

“I’m appalled that anyone could intentionally target a place of rest in this way and I am determined that if these heartless actions are seen in person, or captured on camera, that those responsible will be made answerable.”

“These might have been isolated incidents, but they are completely unacceptable. Feelings are understandably running high for those who have been directly affected, or who know and visit the site.  Community concern has also been heightened after some misinformation was shared on social media on what the actual Council permissions are around graveside tributes.  Our clear council policy on this can be seen here Rules and Regulations (

“Rules aside, we can be certain that any deliberate vandalism has hurt families and caused a great deal of personal distress.

“Whilst the actions of the mindless few can’t now be undone, I am hopeful that the visible and reassuring presence of our council’s Bereavement Services Officers and cameras will stop any future disrespect to our Willenhall Lawn Cemetery - and in so doing protect the sanctity of those who are laid to rest there.”

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Notes to editors

  • Walsall Council says the installation perimeter CCTV cameras at Willenhall Lawn Cemetery will act as a deterrent to vandals
  • The council will also consider installing perimeter cameras at other cemeteries in the borough
  • Read more about how we manage our Cemeteries and Bereavement Services  Rules and Regulations (