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Bins and Recycling support for Walsall residents

Published on 23 March 2021 Print

Council Tax letters and information booklets have been hitting the doormats in homes all over Walsall recently.  This year, the booklet accompanying the annual bills has been updated to give you more information about the Council’s ‘bins and recycling’ service, and practical advice for getting the most out of your council rubbish and recycling services.

This includes information on our collection days, advice on the popular bulky item collections and what’s on offer at our free-to-use Household Waste Recycling Centres.

This year’s booklet also sets out which items need to go into your grey rubbish bins and the items which can be safely recycled in the green bin or taken to a HWRC for recycling.  Reducing the amount of non-recyclable items being put into Walsall’s green bins remains high on the list of our priorities and making you feel confident that the right things are going in the right bins.

Getting this right for everyone is important. When recycling bins contain the wrong items, it can mean that whole lorry loads of recycling are rejected by the recycling plant.  During the current financial year, this has cost Walsall Council just over £360k in additional rejection, transport and disposal charges and other fees.  After being rejected, the contaminated recycling has to be transported from the recycling facility to a different site for disposal.

Food waste, used disposable nappies and textiles like clothes and shoes, continue to rank as Walsall’s biggest recycling spoilers. The materials rejected by our contractor also means that other residents’ careful recycling efforts have been undermined. Recycling contamination rates have risen from an average of 11.7% in 2016 to a current rate of 13.28%. 

Director of Place and Environment, Dave Brown said:

“We know that effective waste collections, including access to HWRCs and bulky waste collections, are very important to Walsall residents.  Including more helpful information in the Council Tax booklet this year helps us to ensure each household understands their responsibilities when it comes to their waste and is aware of the support available if help is needed

It’s really important for us to remember that we all have a part to play in reducing waste.   This is not only for the sake of the environment, but also because putting the wrong things in the green recycling bin means that huge amounts of your council tax will be wasted.  Not everything that says it can be recycled can go in your green bin.  Please check the recycling guide rather than risking contaminating a whole load.”


Notes to Editors

  • The Council Tax booklet is sent to every household in Walsall (approx. 115,000) and accompanies the annual Council Tax bill for each home. 
  • Additional information about Bins & Recycling has been included in this year’s booklet.
  • Recycling ‘yes please’ and ‘no thanks’ advice is included to help the Council reduce the level of contamination in green recycling bins.  A comprehensive list of what can go in recycling bins can be found at the Walsall Council website

For more information please email Walsall Council Communications Team:


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