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Medical concerns

Every school has a large number of pupils and no matter how high the level of care it is, inevitably that there will be some instances of pupils falling ill or receiving an injury (for example, following a fall) during school hours.
Your child's school will have procedures for dealing with pupils who are taken ill or are injured during the school day.
They will have on record contact details for parents/guardians so they can contact you if your child is not well enough to remain at school.  It is important that you notify the school if these details change (including mobile/work numbers) to ensure they can contact you should the need arise.
Basic first aid is provided at all schools.  
In most instances, children with medical conditions (ie. asthma) are able to attend school regularly and  take part in most activities, if any additional support is required discuss this with the school at the earliest opportunity.
If your child does have a medical condition which requires medication, either short-term or long-term, you must discuss this with their head teacher and agree a course of action for providing treatment and ensuring medication is taken at the prescribed intervals.