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Mealworm beetles

Facts about mealworm beetles
Mealworm beetle photo
Most commonly seen in the summer. Although they are seen wandering in many areas, they prefer dark and damp conditions.
Adult beetles found indoors in ones and twos may have come from a nearby bird's nest into an open window.
They do no harm in the living room of a house but can become a nuisance in the kitchen if they get into containers of food and start breeding.
Adult beetles are shiny dark brown or black in colour and can grow up to 30mm in length.
Because of the beetle's long development period an infestation is often due to poor hygiene or the remains of old food.
Mealworms often feed on corn or flour, and are sometimes found in bird's nests.
They also feed on the bodies of dead rats or mice if they are old and dry.
How can you get rid of them?
Mealworm beetle drawing
If lots of beetles are found indoors you should check all the kitchen cupboards for spilled food or infested bags of flour etc. Check the bases of cupboards and behind appliances for scraps of old food that you may not be aware of.
Check in lofts and roof spaces for old birds nests.
If you have had pest control treatment for rats or mice it might be worth checking floorboards for old corpses.
Clean up thoroughly and throw away any old or infested stocks of food.
Use an insecticide spray sold for 'crawling insects' that is labelled as safe for use in kitchen areas. Always read the label of an insecticide before deciding to buy it and follow the safety guidelines when using them.
After you have treated, be aware that further mealworms may hatch so you may need to keep treating until all the eggs have hatched out and infestation has completely gone.
Service the council provides
We offer a free identification service. You will need to catch the insect, seal it securely in a clear plastic container labelled with your name, address and phone number.
You should then take it to: Environmental Health, Civic Centre, Darwall Street, Walsall, WS1 1TP.
Our qualified pest officers will identify it and let you know what it is.
Walsall Council do provide a service for the treatment of this pest type.  Please contact the Pest Control service on the details below to book an appointment or for further information on the charges involved.
How to contact us
If you would like further advice or need to make a pest control appointment please contact us:
First Stop Shop
Civic Centre
Darwall Street
Telephone 01922 653366
If you need help treating a mealworm beetle infestation or have any further questions, contact us on 01922 653366.
For further information please view our mealworm beetles factsheet (PDF 66KB).