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Lodge Wood and Longwood Coppice

Traditionally managed woodland
Lodge Wood and Longwood Coppice are managed with traditional techniques.  Longwood Coppice is made up of hazel and willow trees, and lies around the fringe of Aldridge Airport and is managed by the team of Rangers at Walsall Countryside Services.  Longwood Coppice links Hay Head Wood Local Nature Reserve with Lodge Wood.  Car parking is available off Longwood Lane.
Along the trail you'll see examples of coppicing - a way of managing woodland that dates back thousands of years.  Amazingly, our ancestors they found a way to be able to take resources from woodlands sustainably, to be able to return again and again, and all in a way that was beneficial to woodland wildlife, both plants and animals.  Here's how it works:
A trunk of a broad-leaved tree is cut
New shoots sprout from the side buds on the remaining stump
After a few years, these shoots have become long, straight poles
The sticks can then be harvested
They are used for building, weaving, hurdles, hedge-laying, barrels, bows and baskets
The extra light attracts butterflies, birds and bees, and allows woodland plants to flourish on the woodland floor
The whole cycle starts again!
Coppices are usually managed in rotation, so that there is a constant supply of resources for us, and a constant supply of sunlight for wildlife, and it also means that there are coppice plots of many ages all in the same area, and it is never all cut down at the same time.  Isn't it funny how today wa are constantly seeking ways to live in harmonly with our environment, yet our ancestors had a sustainable approach to nature all those centuries ago!
Site Info:
Location:  Aldridge
Parking:   Aldridge Airport (off Bosty Lane)
Buses:  The number 6 bus runs frequently from Walsall to Aldridge
Nature Trails:  A network of paths criss-crosses the coppice and leads up through Lodge Wood
Wildlife to see:  Woodland birds, butterflies
This site is great for:  Health walks, wildlife watching
Grid Reference: SP042989
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