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It is a criminal offence for a person to deposit and leave litter in a public place including litter thrown from vehicles.  The Council is committed to cleaning up its streets and has a team of Enforcement Officers who regularly carry out patrols to target people discarding litter.  They will issue £150 Fixed Penalty Notices to persons caught doing so.  This amount will reduce to £120 if it is paid early.  Failure to pay a Fixed Penalty fine can result in a court summons being issued. Conviction in court for this offence carries a criminal record and a penalty up to a maximum of £2500.
Eyewitness Checklist
Should you witness an incident of littering and wish to report it we would require the following information:
Location, date and time of incident;
Type of litter discarded.
For littering from a vehicle the following additional information would be required:
Vehicle Registration Number, make, model, colour and noticeable markings eg telephone numbers;
Who discarded the litter ie was it the driver, front or rear passenger, description of offender;
From where in the vehicle was the litter discarded.
To view a poster relating to raising awareness of litter enforcement, click the link below.  You will need Adobe Reader to view these posters, download a free version of Adobe Reader here
Contact Us
The eyewitness checklist above gives you an indication of some of the things you should try to report in relation to an incident of littering.  Incidents can be reported by emailing Environmental Health at or you can contact any of the following telephone numbers:
Walsall Council Contact Centre: 01922 653344
Walsall Council Environmental Health: 01922 653020
Correspondence can be sent to:
Environmental Health
Civic Centre
Darwall Street