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Equal opportunities

Walsall Council is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for everyone. That means taking action to stop discrimination and making sure that job applicants are only considered on their ability to do the job.
We recognise that fair recruitment and selection practices are crucial in delivering equality of opportunity. The council's recruitment and selection practices include the following requirements:
A positive statement about the council's commitment to Equal Opportunities appears in all of its job advertisements.
Job vacancies will be advertised widely.
Job criteria are determined solely on the essential requirements of the job, and people are selected and appointed purely on merit on the basis of their ability to do the job.
All applications for jobs are made only on the council's standard application form on or before the closing date. A curriculum vitae will not be accepted, however if you have a disability that means you cannot easily complete an application form, then we will accept your application in some other suitable medium, i.e. on audio tape. Please see the jobseekers with disabilities section for further information.
Everyone required to make recruitment and selection decisions is properly trained in the council's procedures and can demonstrate an understanding of the council's Equal Opportunities Protocol.
As far as is reasonably practicable the council will endeavour to ensure that interviewing panels reflect the composition of shortlists.
There is a complaints procedure for internal and external job applicants who consider that they have not been dealt with fairly by the council's recruitment and selection procedure.  
New and existing employees are informed of their responsibilities under the council's Equal Opportunities Protocol.
In addition:
The council will take action to encourage women and members of black and minority ethnic groups to apply for jobs in areas of employment where they are under-represented, and in particular, will use the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 to initiate such action.
The council will develop and promote measures to increase the number of people with disabilities at all levels within the workforce.

The council operates a guaranteed scheme for ex armed forces personnel who meet the essential criteria of the post. This is a committment made by the council in the community covenant. 

Working patterns

Walsall Council recognises that many employees have demanding and important roles outside work and has introduced a number of important schemes designed to enable employees meet both their personal and professional needs.

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