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Walsall Council's Behavioural Framework & Proud to be a Manager

Walsall Council’s recruitment procedure has adopted an objective and consistent approach with the aim of attracting and appointing high calibre candidates whilst at the same time ensuring that our processes are transparent, fair and legal.


As part of the Corporate Workforce Strategy 2018-2021, Walsall Council had adopted a set of core behaviours, and where appropriate, managerial behaviours, which define ‘how’ we are expected to approach our work and which sits alongside ‘what’ we do, as outlined in each of our job descriptions.


The Behavioual Framework details the behaviours and attitudes required and supports the delivery of the Council’s Corporate Plan.  The behaviours, which will be present in all job roles, are as follows:

-    Professionalism
-    Leadership (only appropriate in roles with managerial or supervisory responsibility or other identified roles)
-    Accountability
-    Transparency
-    Ethical

For further information about Walsall Council's Behavioural Framework and also the roles of managers and leaders in our organisation, see below:


Behavioural Framework (PDF)

Proud to be a Leader (PDF)

Proud to be a Manager (PDF)


Walsall Council's Corporate Plan 2018 - 2021 (PDF)



Walsall Council's Behavioural Framework



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