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All the evidence indicates that people wish to stay in their own homes as far as is possible and in older age face declining years surrounded by family and friends. Over the last decades services have been developed to maximise, restore and rekindle independence and self confidence, to work with citizens to recover the independent life style that they would want rather than prepare them unwittingly for a risk free and unnecessary dependency on institutional type provision.

In our operating model there is a strong emphasis on the need to constantly look towards maximising independence so that the choice is not specifically between which services to utilise but rather what skills, specific opportunities, and daily decisions making opportunities a person wants to restore and then maintain. This operating model is now focused on achieving outcomes and changing cultural outlooks; primarily a way of looking at disability, aging and capacity that maximises individual and community assets, focuses on prevention and not solely an approach to the provision of services.

All new customers (and some existing customers) will be channelled through a range of “preventive” services before they are assessed for longer term care and support. These services are designed to offer an immediate response to the person seeking help in a way that looks at options in which they can be assisted without necessarily assuming that they will need longer term help if this first intervention can resolve their problems.. The success of “preventive services” would then be demonstrated by fewer people needing long term help but people still getting their needs met in a timely and appropriate manner.  

In the operating model every customer who contacts adult social care services will be either directed to a community / advice organisation or they will be assisted by the call navigators to use one of a range of preventive services which already exist within the Borough.

Walsall Community Living Directory

The Walsall Community Living Directory is available which is for everyone who lives and works in Walsall. If you use adult social care, health care or other help and support services, if you fund your own support, or simply wish to find out more about what services and events are provided in your local community, you will be able to find all this information and advice in one place.

The directory lists a variety of support services, organisations and events, including: