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Improving health

Meet David and Andrea Wilson

They have been married for 9 years and have two young children, Johnny who is aged 6 and goes to primary school, and Laura who is aged 2 and goes to nursery.

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David was born in Walsall and has lived here all his life. Andrea moved to Walsall after getting a job as a teacher in a local school.

David was made redundant earlier this year and is struggling to find a job.

His mother lives around the corner and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, but her recent hip operation means that she can’t take them to the park as often as she would like.

David and Andrea wish to have a third child but this would mean that they need a bigger house, which they can’t afford at the moment.

Andrea’s mother died from breast cancer recently, which has left her father struggling to cope. This has left Andrea with the responsibility of her teenage sister. Just like the Wilsons, we all go through different experiences and challenges in life, some of which we can control and change and some of which we have limited control over. One thing these experiences and challenges all share in common is the impact they have on health and wellbeing.

This section of the website explores this relationship in more detail.