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Mobile homes and caravans

Walsall site licence conditions, fees and charges

1.1 The Council’s responsibility for the licensing of caravan sites includes the application and enforcement of appropriate conditions. The specific purposes for which conditions can be applied are set out in Section 5 of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960. Site licence conditions may be determined with reference to national Model Standards.

The Council has a power to update site licence conditions in line with Model Standards as modified from time to time by the Government. The aim of such standards is to promote the safety and welfare of the residents.

The applicable Model Standards were issued in 1983 (touring sites) 1989 (holiday sites) and 2008 (Residential Sites).

1.2 The Mobile Homes Act 2013 (which came into force on the 1st April 2014) amended the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960. Part 1 of the Act includes a power for Local Authorities to charge fees for their licensing function in respect of Relevant Protected Sites (typically known as residential parks, mobile home parks and gypsy and traveller sites). This power also applies to the residential parts of sites with mixed holiday and residential uses.

1.3 The scale of standard fees for new site licences is set according to site size and this and the, transfers and variations of existing site licences fees are set out in the table below:


Non-recurrent fees payable

Fee 2021/22

Band A – 1 caravan / family Band

No charge

B – 2 to 5 caravans Band


C – 6 to 20 caravans


B and D – over 20 caravans


Minor amendment of a licence


Major amendment of a licence (including change of ownership, change conditions or site layout).


Deposit of site rules (including varying or deleting site rules).


The Council may at a later date and following consultation introduce annual licensing fees.

Sites managed by the following organisations are exempt from licensing:

  • Local authorities
  • The Caravan Club
  • The Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland
  • The Boy Scouts Association
  • The Girl Guides Association
  • The Motor Caravanner’s Club

Other organisations may apply for a certificate of exemption from by the Secretary of State.

1.4 In line with emerging good practice, sites with only one unit or those accommodating only one family will be exempt from annual inspections and the accompanying charges. If enforcement action becomes necessary, an enforcement charge will be payable in accordance with this document.

1.5 The main focus of enforcement activity will be informal advice and education, including the provision of information in leaflets, on the website and directly by telephone or in person. Formal enforcement action will be taken under the relevant legislation only when informal action has failed to secure an acceptable improvement in standards or compliance with licence conditions.

1.6 As part of the legislative changes introduced by the Mobile Homes Act 2013, Local Authorities now have additional enforcement tools to address breaches of site licence conditions. The Council may serve a compliance notice, which must be accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the relevant expenses.

1.7 Enforcement charges will be based on an hourly rate reflecting the costs of enforcement, plus any additional costs incurred (e.g. legal costs). Site owners may not pass on Enforcement charges to residents in their pitch fees.

1.8 If any works required by the compliance notice are not carried out the licence holder commits an offence, and the Council may consider taking legal proceedings. The award of costs associated with this process will be at the discretion of the court.

1.9 In the event of a successful prosecution, the Council has powers to carry out works in default, and to recharge the licence holder accordingly.

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