Maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your life in to older age will help support healthy ageing.

Risk of falls:

As you approach older age your risk of falling increases. There are many reasons why falls can occur however, there are also lot of things you can do to minimise these risks: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as above and in particular,

  • Keeping Active
  • Having a healthy, balanced diet
  • Ensuring you have regular eye tests
  • Keeping your feet in good condition
  • Wearing well fitting shoes
  • Keeping your home free of trip hazards

Walsall Falls Prevention Service

From 1st November 2015 Walsall Falls Prevention Service has changed.  The service receives referrals directly from individuals and their relatives or carers, as well as from healthcare or social care professionals and can be contacted on:

Tel:  01922 604931


Each individual will be risk assessed at the first point of contact to determine which of the following can best support them.

Walsall Healthcare Document


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Page updated 18/07/2016