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What is public health?

The Public Health duty of Walsall Council was legally established in April 2013. It has inherited a number of functions and commissioning responsibilities, some of which were traditionally the responsibility of non-public health areas within the former Primary Care Trusts. With these responsibilities has come a ring-fenced centrally allocated grant.

Mandatory functions

There are five core mandatory public health functions which are:

  • provide appropriate access to sexual health services
  • ensure there are plans in place to protect the health of the population, including immunisation and screening plans
  • ensure NHS commissioners (Clinical Commissioning Groups or CCGs) receive the Public Health advice they need
  • deliver the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP)
  • encourage NHS Health Check assessments.

Walsall Public Health is a multi-disciplinary team made up of doctors, nurses, consultants and professionals.

Walsall Council Director of Public Health Annual Report

This report is an important measure of health and wellbeing in the borough. It helps us and our partners, including social housing, the police and NHS trusts, to:

  • showcase our good work
  • address potential issues
  • make recommendations for improvements in Walsall

The 2021 Annual Report is focused on the importance of good mental wellbeing.

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